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Core Values Index™ by Taylor Protocols™

The Taylor Protocols are designed to optimize the people equation in organizations in ways never thought possible before. Most times, it is not a person’s skill, experience or attitude that prevents them from being a Top Performer in a given job. It is their innate capacity to perform certain tasks and functions the way the position requires. If a person’s motivational drivers and sense of contribution does not align with the work they are being asked to do, they will never rise to the top.

The Core Values Index (CVI) by Taylor Protocols is a revolutionary 10-minute assessment created to measure and quantify where people can rise to their place of highest and best contribution. Different from personality and behavioral based assessments, this unique instrument provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of the core motivational drives of any person, with an instant, online report.

The CVI is used for a number of different projects including:

  • Executive Team Profile: Assesses the strength and balance of the leadership team and developes a strategic leadership plan that guides the CEO in further developement of each team member.
  • Human Capital Audits: Numerically identifies the performance factors of the people in each position and creates a "highest and best contribution" prescription that aligns employees' Core Values with the work required.
  • Top Performer Profiles: An employment pre-selection tool based on a company's top performers and used to pre-select future top performers from the incoming candidates for a given job.


Effective communication, productivity and interpersonal relationships are paramount to everyday success. Peoplemap training is an interactive experience in learning about our own and each other's personality types and how this affects all of our interpersonal relationships. Peoplemap training is proven to enhance relationships, increase effectiveness, develop teams, heighten leadership skills and improve overall communications and productivity.

With Peoplemap training you will:

  • Understand your own and other's style of leading, communicating and getting work done
  • Learn how to be more interpersonally effective
  • Gain insight into your blind spots and learn ways to manage them
  • Identify your inherent personal/communication/leadership strengths
  • Learn what you "listen for" in everyday communication
  • Identify your preferred environmental fit (workplace, school)
  • Where and when interpersonal communication breaks down for you
  • Why living by the "Golden Rule" doesn't work for interpersonal communication

As a Certified Peoplemap Trainer, my clients have access to this user-friendly and powerful personality assessment tool. The feedback derived from taking the Peoplemap questionaire can be utilized to augment the coaching process, especially when a client's coaching goals focus on interpersonal relationships, effective communication and leadership development.

Wellness Inventory

As a certified Wellness Inventory coach, I utilize this powerful tool with clients who are interested in creating a meaningful and lasting personal wellness plan during coaching sessions.

The Wellness Inventory, created by wellness pioneer John Travis, M.D., is a web-based program that provides a multidimensional, whole-person perspective on wellness. This wellness assessment is the perfect complement for the individual who is interested in utilizing coaching to enhance their wellness practices. The Wellness Inventory is an educational and self-discovery tool that highlights:

  • 12 dimensions of wellness
  • Wellness satisfaction
  • Wellness strengths
  • Areas of motivation

Online tools include:

  • Guidance in creating a personal wellness plan
  • An online wellness journal
  • Email reminders
  • Self-study and resource center

For further information, visit www.mywellnesstest.com