my clients:

My clients are eager to identify and create meaningful changes in their lives. They are no longer willing to settle for simply talking about what they would like to be different. From the first coaching session, my clients address their goals in an action-oriented and energized fashion. While I do thoroughly enjoy coaching with individuals of all ages, I especially love coaching with older adolescents and young adults. I possess 30 years of experience working with this intelligent, creative and insightful population and I am never surprised at what they are able to accomplish as they negotiate that challenging period from adolescenthood to adulthood.

Teens and young adults, would you like to:

  • Create a plan for your future that honors what is truly important to you?
  • Create a school/work/social life that is balanced and meaningful?
  • Increase your level of effectiveness and satisfaction in an area of your life?
  • Create and implement a plan to identify and achieve your goals?
  • Be more effective at school?
  • Improve your leadership potential?
  • Create an effective plan in response to heightened school/college/workforce responsibilities?
  • Move in an academic/vocational direcdtion that you know completely honors your most closely held values and needs?

Adults, would you like to:

  • Enhance your sense of work and personal fulfillment?
  • Create an effective and lasting wellness plan?
  • Strategize and prepare for work/career transitions?
  • Pursue new life goals and aspirations?
  • Negotiate family transitions in a manner that honors your family's values?
  • Reenergize?

My coaching clients:

  • Are motivated for something new
  • Are ready to stretch themselves
  • Are eager to maximize their potential
  • Want to live their lives in alignment with their core values
  • Are personally courageous  
  • Want the best that life has to offer
  • Focus on personal strengths
  • Want to live a life of purpose, passion and peace
  • Are ready for a change
  • Are looking for balance and fulfillment
  • Are energized
  • Love to laugh
  • Are intelligent
  • Are insightful
  • Are creative
  • Are flexible
  • Are fun
  • Are willing to think outside the box

While my office is located in East Rochester, NY, just outside of Rochester, someone who lives outside of the area can still coach with me. Life coaching sessions can take place by telephone or Skype when you are unable to meet in person. In fact, many people opt for tele-coaching, even if they are local, to cut down on driving time and transportation costs. Tele-coaching is practical, personalized and just as powerful as face-to-face coaching sessions.