Keith’s training at Camp Sisol really focused our staff on our core values. Summer camp is a pressure cooker and we need to be functioning well as a team right from the start. Keith helped us expedite the necessary cohesion by helping us determine, as a group exercise, what our standards, goals, philosophy and practice would be. What remains is a self-definition of our group that we can repeatedly refer to in finding our center.

Daniel N. Irving, Director
Camp Sisol
JCC of Greater Rochester

Keith took the time to meet with me well in advance of the workshop to design a conference day that met the needs of my department and staff. Keith used his many years of experience to offer real-life clarity to the workshop. I felt that his time with us was very meaningful and relevant as my staff members were able to learn more about themselves individually and as a group. In addition, they were able to develop age appropriate lessons plans that we are now using as a direct result of his workshop.

John F. Pelin, Jr., Director of Health, PE and Athletics
Spencerport Central School District

I was extremely pleased with the workshop presented by Keith Greer on People Mapping. Keith was very personable, very articulate, knowledgeable and clearly connected well with our teens. While Keith kept the format informal and interactive, he was able to keep the kids engaged and attentive, despite this being a large group. The Adult Advisors and Student Officers all commented on how informative and interesting the training was. I heard from a number of students subsequent to the training about how interesting they found their communication personas to be. We have been able to reference this within our Officer meetings in regard to how we communicate and work as a group. Keith was very helpful in accommodating our group and our particular needs and circumstances. Thanks for the outstanding efforts on behalf of our students!

Michael Elphick, LCSW
School Social Worker

I run a leadership program through Camp Seneca Lake, and we invited Keith to run the PeopleMap seminar with our leaders in training who are 15 and 16 years of age. PeopleMap was so successful, in that it really helped establish what kind of leader each one of the kids were, and therefore was super helpful throughout the summer leading discussions regarding leadership skills. They were able to recognize leadership abilities within their peers, which I do not think they would have appreciated without the use of the PeopleMap skills that they were able to acquire. If you have a group of young adults that are developing their leadership skills, I would 100% recommend the PeopleMap process to you and your organization.

Rachel Kosoff, LIT Unit Head
Camp Seneca Lake

Keith's workshop was really enjoyable for everyone who attended. He kept things interesting and got his points across. I definitely see a positive change in the way our board members worked together after completing the workshop. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.

Beth Mann, Regional Advisor
North American Federation of Temple Youth -
North East Lakes Region

Keith Greer's leadership skills seminar exceeded our expectations and continues to inspire each participant at Women Helping Girls to affirm their strengths and capabilities that today's young women possess. The particular program that Keith developed educated our small group of girls, mentors and volunteers in the practical leadership skill sets that are so necessary to succeed in today's businesses, political and community environments.

Keith's program presented us with concepts of personal and group leadership, stressed the importance of maintaining professional development skills and included a discussion of resources that can channel our girls' leadership aspirations into practical and attainable achievements. In addition, Keith's program enhanced our girls' leadership skills by allowing for them to practice and think about different qualities of leadership. Women Helping Girls of Rochester was inspired and motivated by Keith as an accomplished speaker with professional career expertise and one who has a strong interest in helping to inspire young people to reach their full leadership potential. Thank you Keith!

Skye Bird
Women Helping Girls of Rochester

I would highly recommend Keith Greer as a presenter/trainer. Keith has provided a variety of workshops for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Rochester Area on both family and youth addiction related topics. Keith brings with him a wealth of professional experience from treatment, school-based and private practice which he delivers to audiences in a very engaging manner.

Jennifer Faringer, MS.Ed., CPP
Director, DePaul's National Council on
Alcoholism and Drug Dependence -
Rochester Area

I have had the opportunity to attend workshops presented by you over the many years we have worked together. Recently, you presented to a group of 6th grade parents in our community and again at a five town summit for the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets Initiative. Your presentations are exceptional. You present in a clear, concise and direct approach. Your PowerPoint presentations are thorough and pertinent and your well-spoken no-nonsense style keeps the interest of all who attend.

Thank you for doing such an exceptional job with our community. I look forward to other opportunities to hear you speak and address topics that are important for the health of our youth.

Patrick M. Moriarty, Principal
Minerva Deland School

Keith Greer is a valuable resource for those searching for personal growth and coaching on the pertinent challenges that evolve in our lives... his ability to connect with a group or on an individual basis is his greatest asset. Whichever forum, Keith's insights into parenting, adolescent development and personal wellness fosters accountability and empowering results for individuals. After interacting with Keith Greer, one cannot help but be reflective and begin taking proactive measures that support healthy life choices. He has the uncanny ability to develop rapport and make a difference with his genuine and passionate approach to serving others.  

Brett Provenzano, Principal
Johanna Perrin Middle School

I work in a large school system as a drug prevention program coordinator. We have contracted with Keith to conduct his training with a variety of audiences including athletic teams, parents, coaches and teachers. Keith's PeopleMap, leadership and communication seminars are invaluable. He is able to deliver a message that is as meaningful to the individual as it is for developing effective interpersonal and group dynamics. Keith's presentation style is highly engaging and memorable. He is the real thing.

Janine Sanger,
Coordinator of Prevention -
Webster Central Schools

Leaders are continually facing new and daunting challenges in this ever-changing global environment. If leaders and their organizations are to survive, then I highly recommend using the concepts offered in the PeopleMap system. This system will supply you with new concepts and skills to improve all relationships, interactions and communications with others.

Without a doubt, learning new concepts can be greatly enhanced by the facilitator/instructor that works with your organization and team members. Therefore, it is without any reservation that I recommend Keith Greer as facilitator/teacher of the PeopleMap system. Keith delivers the information and concepts in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for everyone. Keith not only teaches with enthusiasm and great understanding of the concepts but he also uses the concepts in his own life which is a testament to Keith's commitment to PeopleMap.

I am personally thankful that I had the opportunity to experience Keith's expertise in facilitating along with many others from my team of professionals. I know those that took the seminar are better prepared for the many unique interactions they will face in the future as they foster positive relationships with people in their lives.

Gary Tirohn, Athletic Director
Webster Schroeder High School

Keith's presentation opened my eyes to realizing how people are all truly different and can learn, interact and live in many different ways. I found out things about myself that were incredibly true, and it made me realize how others see me as a person and how I can also see other people too. It was such a fun presentation and I recommend it to any student who wants to learn a few more things about themselves as well as the peers around them.

Kelsey – High School Student

I thought Keith's presentation was wonderful! He knew how to talk to us kids so that we could understand, but not in a way that made us feel like he was talking down to us. It helped me understand different people and why they are the way they are. I found it positive and enlightening.

Sara – High School Student

I think that Keith's presentation was really detailed and broken down well. I felt that he explained everything clearly and made sure everyone understood as well. I loved taking the survey and learning how to communicate with different people better once you can identify the group they belong to. Communication is definitely a challenge for everyone at some point in their life and this workshop helped break down the wall. Keith's presentation was refreshing, eye opening, educational and so fun.

Gina – High School Student

I really enjoyed the PeopleMap presentation. Once I combined my top two personalities (free-spirit people) I actually saw myself on the page. It felt so awesome to be able to identify myself as a certain kind of person, something I struggle with (as many other people do, especially teens). I learned so much about myself in only two hours and walked away from that program with a stronger sense of identity and pride. Also, I learned how to communicate to and with others, especially those not my personality type.

Stephanie – High School Student