youth groups
and camps:

Youth Groups and Summer Camps provide young adults with a host of life-long memories, profound experiences and significant peer and adult relationships. While having fun is of paramount importance, both of these nurturing environments provide excellent opportunities for youth to grow as individuals, while at the same time developing strong interpersonal skills.

Youth groups and summer camps are the perfect environment in which to expose your members to high level, skills based training in the area of effective communication, leadership, teambuilding, and acceptance of personal difference.

Youth Group Advisors:

Are you looking for a new, unique and meaningful program that is strength-based and focused on your members becoming more sensitive and accepting of individual differences?

Would your youth and adult leadership benefit from enhanced leadership, teambuilding and conflict resolution skills?

Summer Camp Directors:

Does your Staff Training include a component on effective communication and leadership facilitated by an individual who possesses 30 years of experience working with teens and young adults?

Would you like your staff to start the summer with a communications and leadership mindset that is strength based and respectful?

Are you interested in a high level of skills training that challenges your staff to assess and improve their interaction with others?

Are you looking for positive, powerful and age appropriate leadership training for your L.I.T./C.I.T. Campers?

Youth Group and Summer Camp provide an excellent setting for Effective Communication and Leadership Training. Catalyst Personal Development can create a training program that meets your needs, works within your schedule, and will focus on the specific goals that you believe are most important for your Adult/Youth leadership and members.