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Effective communication, productivity and interpersonal relationships are paramount to everyday success, both inside and outside of an organization. Peoplemap training is an interactive experience in learning about our own and each other's personality types and how this affects all of our interpersonal relationships. Peoplemap training is proven to enhance relationships, increase effectiveness, develop teams, heighten leadership skills and improve overall communications and productivity.

With Peoplemap training you will:

  • Understand your own and each other’s style of leading, communicating and getting work done
  • Learn how to be more interpersonally effective
  • Gain insight into your blind spots and learn ways to manage them
  • Identify your inherent personal/communication/leadership strengths
  • Learn what you “listen for” in everyday communication
  • Identify your preferred environmental fit (workplace, school)
  • Where and when interpersonal communication breaks down for you
  • Learn why living by the "Golden Rule” doesn’t work for interpersonal communication

In the last 10 years, over 100,000 people have experienced Peoplemap training programs. Peoplemap training has been used extensively in both large and small corporations, non profits, universities and professional offices. Typically, organizations report significant increases in employee morale, productivity and retention rates after Peoplemap training.

While the majority of Peoplemap training has taken place with the populations listed above, I have brought the powerful and educational impact of this training to teens and young adults! I facilitate Peoplemap workshops for groups such as youth, high school and college athletic teams and programs, youth groups, summer camp staff and other youth organizations. Teens and young adults who participate in a PeopleMap workshop walk away from this experience better able to utilize their unique inherent strengths, possess improved team building and leadership skills, have learned how to communicate effectively with different types of people, and have gained a deeper and more meaningful appreciation for the individual skills and strengths of each team member.

Why is Peoplemap training so impactful with teens and young adults?

  • Incredibly user-friendly
  • Easy and quick to take, score and interpret
  • Assessment tool and results are highly accessible to teens (high school age and up)
  • Emphasis on understanding the communication style of others
  • Emphasis on your role in creating effective communication, problem solving, etc.
  • Stength-based
  • Concept of an Achilles heel – normalizes exploration of personal behaviors that get in the way of success
  • The training is easy to understand – no jargon
  • Simple, straightforward tools and skills that work day in and day out in all areas of life
  • Workshops are interactive, fun and energetic – laughing abounds and many “ah-ha” moments!